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CartoDB v Google Fusion: how to map every meteorite

Javier at CartoDB has made this rather lovely video showing how CartoDB provides a nice visual interface for the Meteorites data we posted on the site on Friday. It works too – I’ve just reproduced his work in about five mins, although I’m not keen on having to get into SQL, you can do the number change in the original CSV. If you’re interested, the original looks like this:

I like the new version so much I have replaced the old one with it – although the captions seem to offer a little less formatting loveliness. What do you think?

UPDATE: 18 Feb, 2013: 3:50

This is something I made this afternoon, since I wrote the post above. Here’s what I did with the (much more serious and depressing) Iraq Wikileaks deaths data we used to make this map.


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4 thoughts on “CartoDB v Google Fusion: how to map every meteorite

  1. really useful, thanks!

    Posted by Ignacio | February 18, 2013, 4:21 pm


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