Speaking & interviews

Simon regularly speaks about data journalism at events around the world. This is a selection

Scroll down for interviews. If you’d like to get hold of Simon, here are the contact details

Closing keynote: Cloud summit, San Francisco, 2018

International Journalism Festival, Perugia, 2018

TEDX SorbonneParis, November 2012


International Journalism Festival, Perugia, May 2014

Tow Center, Columbia Journalism School, March 2014

Visualized, New York, November 2012
IAB Engage, October 2012

Google Big Tent, Seoul, October 2012

Strata London, October 2012 (with Kathryn Hurley of Google)

Scoopcamp, Hamburg, 2012

OKFest, Helsinki, September 2012
CIJ Summer School, July 2012
Cannes Lions festival, 16 June, 2012
International Journalism Festival, 25-29 April 2012, Perugia
Malofiej 20, 22 March 2012, Pamplona

Strata, Santa Clara, 28 February, 2012

Curating Reality, Amsterdam, 9 Feb 2012
Strata summit, NYC, 20 September 2011
Public 2.0: Culture, Creativity and Audience in an Era of Information Openness, London, 21 July 2011
OK Con 2011, Berlin, 30 June 2011
NPOX, Amsterdam, 14 June, 2011
news:rewired – noise to signal, London, 27 May, 2011
Tableau conference, Amsterdam, 11 May, 2011
Google I/O, San Francisco, 9 May, 2011
“Dati Aperti” meeting at Chamber of Deputies, Rome, 19 April 2011
International journalism festival, Perugia, 13-17 April 2011

O’Reilly Strata Conference, Santa Clara, CA, Feb 1-3, 2011
Design of Understanding, London, 27 Jan, 2011
news:rewired, London, Dec 16, 2010
Media 140, Barcelona, Nov 2010
Dataconomy, London, Oct 2010
Hack the Press, OWNI, Paris, Sept 2010
Data skills and techniques for journalists, Frontline Club, September 22, 2010
Data driven journalism, European Centre for Journalism, Amsterdam, August 2010
How WikiLeaks is changing journalism, Frontline Club, August 12, 2010
re:publica 2010, Berlin
Give us our data, University of Bergen, January 2010
Transparent Text, IBM Center for Social Software, Cambridge, Mass, September 2009
Yahoo! Open Hack Day, London, 2009



Datastories podcast, March 2014

Interhactives, May 2014

Rossmedia, Austria, March 2013

iCharts news, January 2013

Strata, O’Reilly, December 2012


BBC News24, October 2012

ZDFmediathek, September 2012 (in German)

Asahi Shimbuin, Japan, March 2012

Today programme, Radio 4, March 31, 2012

DataPublica, March 2012
O’Reilly, San Francisco, Feb 2011
Wikileaks, Jan 2011
Global journalist on Wikileaks (audio), Dec 2010

Atelier des médias, Nov 2010 (in French)

Visualizing the Iraq War Logs : CJR, October 2010
Brian Lehrer show, New York, October 2010
Data journalism – what’s driving the trend? journalism.co.uk, Sept 2010
The Daily Maverick: Facts are sacred. Data are compelling, August 2010
Nodalities: Wikileaks and the Guardian

Niemanlab.org: How The Guardian is pioneering data journalism with free tools, August 2010



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