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AI for data storytelling

Artificial Intelligence is already being used in data journalism. For a field which is obsessed about trying to automate tedious tasks, AI is custom made. Data storytelling and journalism have always been at the forefront of technology, first to adopt the newest gadgets and techniques. When VR devices launched, data journalists at the WSJ designed … Continue reading

Rani Molla: data for journalism

New episode of the Data Journalism Podcast out today with an interview with Rani Molla. Rani is a senior correspondent at Vox Media, reporting for Recode on the intersection between work, technology and the future. She uses data to tell stories every day, whether it’s about our return to the office (or lack of), the impacts of … Continue reading

CNN’s Harry Enten: Data for TV

Harry Enten, pic: CNN Harry Enten (@forecasterenten) is one of the most-high-profile data journalists in the world. He explains the numbers every day on CNN – whether it’s election polling, sports or even his original passion: meterology, specifically snowstorms. “I definitely see myself as a storyteller,” says Enten and he chats with Alberto and Simon about his … Continue reading

Nigel Holmes: the joy of data

Nigel Holmes is a graphic designer, author, and theorist, who focuses on information graphics and information design. He’s also the author of a new book, Joyful Infographics, a personal journey through visual design. Alberto and Simon chat with Nigel about why humanity and fun is so vital in graphics. The music this week, made with TwoTone, is is based … Continue reading

Nathan Yau: the flow of dataviz

Latest Data Journalism Podcast episode: Nathan Yau is behind one of the world’s most influential data journalism and visualisation websites: Flowing Data. A statistician, Nathan started the site as a resource for students but it has become a go-to destination to find out the latest in data journalism. We discuss why dataviz matters, how to learn R … Continue reading

Amanda Cox: bringing facts to the people

USAFacts Midterms Map The latest episode of the Data Journalism Podcast is out today, with an interview with Amanda Cox — Head of Special Data Projects at USAFacts, an unrivaled source of public data. She’s also an established data journalist and former editor of the NYT’s Upshot data journalism section. As the winner of multiple … Continue reading

How Axios brings smart brevity to data journalism

Axios has spearheaded ‘smart brevity‘, but how does that apply to data journalism and data visualisation? Alberto and Simon chat with the team that makes it happen: Danielle Alberti, Jacque Schrag and Will Chase about how they work and what makes a project ‘Axios’.  You can check out the midterms project the team worked on with Google Trends data here.  Here … Continue reading

New episode: Inside the New York Times Graphics Team

Archie Tse is the Graphics Director at The New York Times. He has been at The Times since 1995, and has pioneered graphics reporting, often in person – especially after 9/11, traveling to Iraq to cover the US invasion, and reporting on the capture of Saddam Hussein. He is even credited by some with being an early adopter … Continue reading

Searching for The Beatles

I will take any excuse to talk about The Beatles and – even better- to bring data to explore the band that changed *everything*. So, getting to be interviewed by the I Am The Eggpod podcast about how the world searches for John, Paul, George and Ringo was a way to bring two obsessions together. … Continue reading

Information is Beautiful: an interview with David McCandless

One of the most successful published data journalists in the world today, David McCandless has a new book out: Beautiful News. His work is innovative, newsy, current and incredibly popular with readers — but sometimes controversial with what he calls the “chart police”.  Alberto and Simon chat with David about why he gets such Marmite-type reactions to his … Continue reading

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