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Florence Nightingale and the history of dataviz

RJ Andrews is the founder of data design studio Info We Trust and author of a new series of books delving into the deep history of of data visualisation and storytelling. In this episode of the pod, he talks about three significant parts of the history of data visuals: Florence Nightingale, Emma Willard and Étienne-Jules Marey. While Nightingale … Continue reading

The science of dataviz, with Jen Christiansen

New Data Journalism Podcast episode alert! Jen Christiansen is the author of Building Science Graphics (published by A K Peters/CRC Press) and a senior graphics editor at Scientific American. In this episode of the pod, she talks about her approach to visualising scientific stories and to graphics, based on her long career in the field. “For any scientist to … Continue reading

Nigel Holmes: the joy of data

Nigel Holmes is a graphic designer, author, and theorist, who focuses on information graphics and information design. He’s also the author of a new book, Joyful Infographics, a personal journey through visual design. Alberto and Simon chat with Nigel about why humanity and fun is so vital in graphics. The music this week, made with TwoTone, is is based … Continue reading

Nathan Yau: the flow of dataviz

Latest Data Journalism Podcast episode: Nathan Yau is behind one of the world’s most influential data journalism and visualisation websites: Flowing Data. A statistician, Nathan started the site as a resource for students but it has become a go-to destination to find out the latest in data journalism. We discuss why dataviz matters, how to learn R … Continue reading

Amanda Cox: bringing facts to the people

USAFacts Midterms Map The latest episode of the Data Journalism Podcast is out today, with an interview with Amanda Cox — Head of Special Data Projects at USAFacts, an unrivaled source of public data. She’s also an established data journalist and former editor of the NYT’s Upshot data journalism section. As the winner of multiple … Continue reading

Information is Beautiful: an interview with David McCandless

One of the most successful published data journalists in the world today, David McCandless has a new book out: Beautiful News. His work is innovative, newsy, current and incredibly popular with readers — but sometimes controversial with what he calls the “chart police”.  Alberto and Simon chat with David about why he gets such Marmite-type reactions to his … Continue reading

2021 in data journalism: Scott Klein on how ProPublica does it, plus our favourite projects of the year

Scott Klein leads the teams at ProPublica that work at the intersection of journalism and technology. He is also co-founder of DocumentCloud, a service that helps news organizations search, manage and present their source documents. He sits on the board of the Muckrock Foundation. In our latest Data Journalism podcast episode, Scott, Alberto and Simon chat … Continue reading

Gallery: Space, the universe and everything visualized

Last year the first two of three infographics books for children that I have worked on were published. Now you can get the third. Space is designed by the brilliant Jennifer Daniel and the images above are a selection of some of the spreads. You can get the book on Amazon right now.

The kids are all bright: infographics for all ages

When my daughter was three and out for a walk on an autumn day, she pointed at a spider’s web and explained what it was. “Daddy, it’s a website,” she said. It was a visual way to describe a word she had heard but didn’t yet understand. And information graphics and visualisations give us a … Continue reading

Gallery: how Peter Grundy visualises the human body

Part one of a series of infographics books just published, with research by me and amazing illustrations by the father of infographics Peter Grundy. This one takes apart the human body. Read more… Buy the book from Amazon

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