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Gallery: taking #dataviz beyond infinity

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If you were in downtown San Francisco recently, you may have seen a blue box in the middle of the street (yes, it was Tardis blue), next to the Embarcadero centre. Inside was a data visualisation conceived and created by Roundhouse in collaboration with Universal Everything.

“Data visualisation” is underselling it. I got to work on the data part of this art installation — but this is the first time I have ever been involved in anything 3D. In what is one of only a handful of mirrored infinity rooms ever created, UE had produced something which surrounded you in images and sound. It’s an incredibly sophisticated visualisation of some simple data: showing the life of the quarter coin.

Unfortunately, it was only temporary, but you can get a sense of it in the photos above — will try to embed the 3D animation soon too.

About Simon Rogers

Data journalist, writer, speaker. Author of 'Facts are Sacred', from Faber & Faber and a new range of infographics for children books from Candlewick. Edited and launched the Guardian Datablog. Now works for Google in California as Data Editor



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